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March 26, 2019
5 Solar Energy Myths You Thought Were True

Solar energy is undoubtedly the most efficient and environment-friendly sources of energy today. However, some people are reluctant to switch to this sustainable source of energy because of number of myths that surround it. Here are some of the commonest ones; and the actual truth behind them:

1. Solar panels do not work in snow, rain or cloudy weather: One of the most prevalent myths related to the solar panels is that it does not work when it is snowing, raining or when it is cloudy. This is baseless as solar panels work just as effectively in low temperatures as in higher ones. The technology on which the solar panels are built works equally well in all weathers without any obstruction. Germany is the world leader in solar panels; and also a place where the temperatures regularly drop below zero. However, solar paneling works equally efficiently in all weathers.

2. Solar energy is a costly affair: Most people consider solar panels to be a high-cost proposition. However, this doesn’t hold true in the present-day scenario. The average cost of installing solar panels has fallen by 30 per cent in the last 4-5 years. Installing solar panels starts saving on electricity charges from the word go. It is cheaper to produce electricity from solar panels than from coal. In the long run, these savings add up to a significant monetary benefit.

3. Installing solar panels is complicated and requires a lot of maintenance: On the contrary, installing solar panels is straightforward when done by a trustworthy manufacturer. It gets even easier to maintain these panels if the connection is done from the utility grid. Maintenance is as simple as cleaning the collected dust or debris by water, which may collect over time.

4. Solar panels will damage the roofs: They actually preserve and protect the roof by covering the portion on which it is installed. As the panels are not directly attached to the roof, they can be removed anytime if the roof from a spot needs repairing of any kind. They are just mounted on the roofs. If there are any gaps between the panels and the roofs, they can be joined simply by using a sealant. One should always make sure the roof is completely damage-free before installing the panels.

5. Solar panels are based on the size of your home: Solar panels are customized and designed as per the size of the roof and the slope. The cost of the panel is determined by considering the size available. The entire area available along with the sides is taken into account when deciding on the paneling. The space where the panel is to be installed should not have obstructed sunlight. That’s all!