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January 05, 2021

Design Your Next Home Or Building With These Solar Power Tips

Design Your Next Home Or Building With These Solar Power Tips

Solar energy is moving ahead with great momentum in India, and many people are building or buying their future homes keeping the solar system installation in mind. And with such an economically popular technology, who wouldn’t? Indeed, installing a solar power plant for home has become cost-effective at various locations, particularly where there is no connection to the grid.

So if you are making plans on building a new home or a business establishment, these tips will help you with that. Considering these guidelines at the time of project planning will aid you in managing the installation expenses, and enable satisfactory placement of your solar power system.

Shade, orientation and angle

When designing an establishment by considering the solar power system, it deems crucial to see the effect of shade from external objects. Consider poles, trees, silos, and other obstacles.

Design orientation needs to face south as much as possible. Also ensure that this is true south, and not magnetic.

The tilt should be near to the building’s latitude. Installing solar panels on a lower roof angle deems beneficial as well as cheaper. So an angle between 30° to 35° will be favorable for easy installation and production.

Moreover, if aligning the establishment towards the true south isn’t possible, it would be wise to keep a lower angle roof. For instance, a roof of 30° angle, facing east or west adequately may lose about 15% from optimum production. But, when a roof is of 10° tilt, and facing east or west sufficiently, around 10% would be lost. This is because such a tilt will get proper sunlight for a considerable time of the day.

Distance from the connection points

In general, solar arrays are coupled with the building’s electrical system at the utility meter or at the primary electric maintenance board. Typically, these sections of equipment are installed with a solar array on the establishment, and at an accessible area. In case the connection point is distant from the home or building, the extended distance will result in the increased installation cost.

As you need to monitor the solar projects, connecting them to the internet deems crucial. So you should consider the distance of your modem from the placement of solar inverters.

Solar equipment location

A roof-mounted solar array has two main segments viz. solar panels and inverters. You may be aware that solar panel installation is done on the roof, but for the inverters, you need to have a proper location in mind. It can be within the establishment or outside.

Given that the inverters are installed within the building, it isn’t necessary to have it placed in a weather-controlled area. However; there needs to be proper ventilation around them. In case you install the solar inverters outside, consider positioning them at a shaded location. Besides the location, you need to consider allowing sufficient space for their easy installation.

Solar conduit run

This goes without saying that each roof-mounted solar power system needs a minimum of one conduit run between the roof and the interconnection spot. Hence, it is important to consider the location of the conduit to be run, keeping in mind the overall look and comfortable installation. It is also possible in some establishments where the conduit can be run within the premises during the construction phase.

Roof cover material

The roof cover is an important component when it comes to calculating the total cost of the equipment. For example, installing a solar power system is usually cheaper on a standing-seam roof as compared to a slate roof. However, it’s alright if there is no possibility to build an establishment in alignment with the ideal solar conditions. Getting a solar system still makes a huge difference in terms of finances whether it is for homes, businesses, or farms. Ground-mounted solar plants and carports are other options for establishments that lack the perfect solar roof.

The Final Words

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