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March 23, 2019
How Solar Energy is Changing 3 Key Industries

We are well aware that the energy provided by the sun has no limits. However, we have tapped only a fraction of this energy source. With passing time, and as the population and energy needs are growing day by day, we need to look for cleaner, renewable and better sources of energy. What better choice than solar energy!

Amongst other industries, solar energy has impacted these three base industries significantly.

● Agriculture

Solar technology is being widely accepted in the agriculture sector. The use of solar PV and solar thermal technologies can be used in a variety of forms in the farming sector. One of the most common uses of the solar technology in this sector is by installing solar modules on the roofs of the barns of buildings to generate heat and electricity. Another common application of solar technology is for water pumping.

Solar panels are successfully being used to power irrigation. Solar dehydrators are yet another solar technology that is being used effectively. In solar dehydrators, the solar radiations are being used to dry the grains and crops quickly than leaving them in the sun after harvesting.

● Power

Solar energy power plants are beneficial for the environment as they do not generate water pollution, air pollution or any green house emissions. With a constant increase in the need of power, sources of new and unused sources are yet to reach their full potential. One can also not ignore the savings on cost in the long term by using solar power.

The construction of solar panels and modules on huge areas of land requires cleaning and grading. It leads to soil compaction and alteration of the drainage channels and may also lead to increased erosion. The central tower panels need water for cooling, which is a scarce resource arid areas. The rising water demand may put pressure on the available sources of water, which may lead to chemical spills. It may also lead to contamination of ground water or the ground surface.

● Transport

Like homes have 360-degree solutions, transport too is utilizing solar energy fully! There are solar cars that use energy produced from the sun by converting it to electricity for electric cars charging. Solar cars make use of the photovoltaic cells to convert the available sunlight to energy. These are made using semiconductors that absorb sunlight mostly silicon. Silicon absorbs light to a much higher content. The energy generated from the sun frees electrons present in the semiconductors leading to the flow of electrons. The flow then leads to generation of the electricity that produces power in the battery and the specific motor present in the solar cars.

Solar powered cars have some excellent benefits. These cars have zero noise and air pollution. They are environment friendly and do not lead to the generation of the greenhouse gases.