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March 27, 2021

How To Find The Best Solar EPC Company in 2021

How To Find The Best Solar EPC Company in 2021

Solar EPC companies are the ‘renewable hotshot’ of the entire solar value chain. They are the best pick for the generation of electricity through solar or sunlight energy. You would miss the train if you don’t include them for your solar power plant or you have a large project at hand.

Find the best Solar EPC company in Gurgaon to handle all your electricity generation needs — Engineering, Procurement, & Construction. Let us handle the setting up of your solar power plants while you focus on your core business needs.

EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Civil Construction

EPC companies are a one-stop solution for all your solar needs. In short, you won’t have to chase multiple vendors to assemble components of a solar plant.

If you have a large-scale project at hand, try out your hands on the best Solar EPC Company in Gurgaon. By now, you would have got a basic idea of what an EPC is. Let’s understand further, what exactly these companies can do for you.

Here are some major activities, Solar EPC companies do for your solar power plant.

Engineering—The engineering team looks after the workability test and does site evaluation for you. It is they who choose the technology specifics for your project and outlines the site feasibility for interconnections.

The engineers survey your site, determine the power generation capacity, and recommend the connection type to your solar power plant. Isn’t that fun!

These factors are critical for the sustainability and profitability of your power plant.

Procurement—In this cycle, the company gets the basic resources done like—Clearance and Govt. Approvals, equipment, etc. The process also looks after the installation of your power plant to make it long-lasting.

Construction—The construction cycle includes supervision and monitoring services, preparing installation plans for your solar power plant, gives construction support, and ensures project planning & operations management.

Plus, they also provide an action plan and give a project estimate to the client. For sure, it is going to help clients with solar power plant projects - big or small.

Consider these three factors to ensure the feasibility and lifespan of your project.

What Comes NEXT –

BASIC Guidelines To Help You Select the right solar EPC Company in Gurgaon

Make sure to run through a quality standard check for the solar products they offer you. Also, check out if the installer offers guarantee and insurance on your products.

1. A premium solar EPC company will reflect a vast knowledge about the equipment and the solar components they are offering. Plus, they must have an in-depth technical understanding of the product details, and utility set up with an expert engineering project team and management team.

Ask if they have a maintenance service for the pre and post-installation period to give clients a euphoric experience.

2. Trust an EPC that is well-known and can get all the paperwork done for you. They should have the resources to get your licence granted by the government for you.

While you should also check out if they really have what it takes to work under diverse conditions—geographic, terrains and timeframes. That will ensure the flexibility and credibility of the solar EPC you are planning to work with.

3. Judge an EPC company based on –

● The number of projects successfully completed,

● The number of years they offered value & service in the country,

● Their relations with vendors, and

● Their list of best clients

4. Check out for yourself that the installer is govt. Compliant and adheres to the statutory conditions.

5. You need to be 100% sure about the EPC company you choose to work with. After all, installing a solar panel system is not an easy play. It requires a huge one-time investment and is no cakewalk. Look for their past work and talk to your references in the industry to cross-check the EPC company before you go ahead with them.

The solar Tip

To sum it up, select an experienced EPC company that has all the resources to make your power plant a successful one. Take your time and go for the best solar EPC services to get an assured solution.

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