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November 22, 2019

Is India Ready to Adopt Green Energy Technology Soon?

Is India Ready to Adopt Green Energy Technology Soon?

We, as a country, are likely to face many challenges in terms of environment and energy in the years to come. To successfully overcome such obstacles, India needs to adapt to an environment-friendly sources of energy.

There is a major requirement of shifting to renewable sources of energy from the conventional fossil fuels. It will help to reduce the emissions of the greenhouse gases, resulting in a positive impact on climate change.

There is a huge requirement for energy, which is increasing day by day. It is getting too difficult to meet the requirements through conventional means of generating power. With over 40 per cent of rural households in India without electricity, it is a matter of great concern.

What should be done?

There are constant efforts being made by the government to meet the environment-friendly energy needs. However, there is a need for the betterment and quicker adoption of the change. The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) in 2009 was a major step that targeted 10 per cent of the solar energy in the country. The amount is way too less than what is required. JNNSM needs to work in a better and an efficient way in order to increase the solar energy production on India.

Nationwide solar initiative is required. India needs to deploy at least 100 million solar roofs and solar power generation tools within the next 20 years. By achieving such a target, India could be among the leaders in the solar energy across the world.

Strategies to implement

● Speed up the deployment of large-scale solar energy power plants. The government needs to set up a high target to set up as many solar plants as possible for the coming 20 years in order to bring about a major change.

● Set a National Renewable Energy Policy to create demand, industries and innovation related to green jobs.

● Formulate government policies to aid in the start-up capital promoting in the creation of renewable energy. A special fund needs to be assigned for the renewable sources of energy.

● The government should rule out all the subsidies on the conventional sources of energy.

● Encourage the states and major companies to invest in the cost-effective energy production.

● A move to electrify transportation should be made. Hybrid vehicles should be promoted and should be subsidized. Nationwide charging panels of electric cars from solar roofs should be started. Numerous solar charging panels like these could begin the much-needed green revolution in the country. The charging panels could be assigned at highly populated areas like the shopping malls, parks, hotels, etc.

● Large scale solar manufacturing plants should be manufactured in India. Solar and wind generation in parks and farms started. R&D should be conducted within the private institutions, and government entities.

All such steps, if incorporated effectively will lead to a change in the environment. Slowly but surely, together India can adopt environment friendly methods to building a better future.