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June 28, 2019

LED Lighting is the future of lighting, these new eco-friendly light bulbs save both money and energy. A typical bulb lasts around 50,000 hours of continuous operation, that’s over 17 years if used for 8 hours every day! All are speaking the same language about Solar Lights in Gurgaon. They can also reduce lighting bill by up to 90 per cent.

LED Lighting for Indoor Use

If your living space is short on light fixtures and lamps, you can use LEDs to brighten interiors by selecting a watt equivalency that’s higher than that of the old bulbs There is a selection of direct halogen replacement bulbs like the new GU10 SMDs, MR16, E27, and MR11, just plug these replacement bulbs directly in to the old fixtures and make profit from huge savings on your electricity bill. This statement is largely true, however there are a couple of points to add.

The MR16 and MR11 refer to the reflector, so a GU10 with either size reflector is a simple replacement, though the extra low voltage lights have a tendency to be called MR16 and MR11 and they can’t in the main be changed by simply swapping the lamps or bulbs over.

Additionally, there are direct substitute bulbs for existing lights and old light fixtures, these bulbs feature the same screw in or bayonet cap and also very same dimmer switches, but advantage from running low level LED lighting, saving both money and energy.

Dimmer switches may need changing when switching to LED lighting

It is worth noting that dimmer switches will also likely have a range of wattage again often 10W or 50W least so often to substitute to LED the dimmer may also need altering.

LED strip lights are uncomplicated to install and are an illuminating addition to a kitchen, bathroom, lounge, hall, cupboard or even the humble garden shed.

LED Lighting for Outside Use

LED flood lights are designed for outdoor use making a great addition to your outside area and are especially useful as security lighting when combined with a PIR sensor. These floodlights come in a number of different power outputs, depending on the power of light you require–from 900 to 7500 through high tech LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs now available at fairly affordable prices (about Rs.418 to Rs.697 per 75-watt equivalent bulb), energy costs can easily be lowered down, helping the environment, and illuminating your home with bright, white light.

LED bulbs come in a wide range of colours

Take a look at the LED packaging to see the product’s K ratings. K stands for Kelvin, a measure of “colour temperature” (the colour of light), and from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin are available anywhere. In general, bulbs up to 3,000k produce warm (slightly yellow) light that’s relaxing making it most demanding and ideal for common living spaces; bulbs from 3,200k to 4,500k are cool (white) light that’s perfect for workspaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and garages; anything over 4,600k is considered daylight and is best used for outdoor and security lighting.

Many companies are into the making of solar powered LED Lights. They understand and work on moderate lighting requirements. The solar led light is fitted with high quality LED floodlights that are designed to provide the utmost level of Lumen for the longest time possible. The Solar Led Lights in Gurgaon are making best of both worlds (low cost and high efficiency).