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November 07, 2019

Quick Guide to Solar Energy Products in India

Quick Guide to Solar Energy Products in India

Installing solar panels have become increasingly popular in the country. They are becoming a common choice for generating electricity in offices, factories and even homes. People are readily replacing the common electricity meters by installing PV solar panels.

The popularity of these units can be largely attributed to a reduction in costs and high efficiency. Also, a wide variety of solar products serve a wide spectrum of clients and their needs.

Solar Panels: In India, solar panels are available in film and crystalline varieties. Most of the solar panels in India are mostly imported from the other parts of the world and only some of them are domestically manufactured. The solar panels manufactured in the country are comparable in quality and pricing to their global counterparts.

● Solar Cookers: Solar Cookers are one of the most efficient solar products available, but they are not as common as other solar products. It is highly beneficial to use solar products in countries like India where there is a lot of sunlight and where high cost, environment-polluting fuel is used for cooking proposes. India has installed the world’s largest solar cooker at Shirdi, which is worth $280,000. The government also provides subsidies to this plant. It generates 3500kg of steam every day preparing food for 20,000 people. These cookers can be easily installed and maintained and save a huge amount of fuel costs.

● Solar Water Heaters: These are one of the most successful running solar products in India. Solar water heaters are quite easy to build and can simply be installed in homes or commercial setups.

● Solar Lighting: This phenomenon is growing at an incredible speed in India. It saves on high running costs and is environment-friendly. It is gaining popularity across segments and industries. Solar lights are being increasingly used in parks where they utilize the sunlight during the day and provide light by the night. Types if solar lightings are as follows:

1. Solar Lamps: They are not only known for their low operational cost but also their environment-friendly characteristics. They are widely used in areas where power cuts are a regular issue. They are an ideal solution in the rural areas in replacement to the high-cost kerosene and gas lamps.

2. Solar Home Lighting: It consists of mountain structures, solar panels, solar charging controllers, battery boxes. Fans and lights in the homes can also run solar home lighting systems.

3. Solar Street Lighting: These are used for lighting the streets at night. They are not connecting to any types of grids but are a stand-alone structure. The system is controlled by an in-built On-Off switch that operates and controls the light from the dusk till the morning hours.

4. Solar LED lighting: These lights are gaining popularity owing to the reduced costs. They are an effective alternative to the regular lightings.

● Solar Inverter: One of the increasingly common solar products is a solar inverter. It is not very high in prices and has a longer shelf life.