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Nov 10, 2022

Read About the 5 Solar EPC Solutions that Debunk the Popular Solar Installation Myths

Read About the 5 Solar EPC Solutions that Debunk the Popular Solar Installation Myths

In this post, solar EPC solutions will be used to bust some common solar installation myths. As a solar company in Gurgaon, we want to educate our audience with solar EPC solutions that can debunk these myths and bring more people into the growing solar industry.

Myth #1. Solar panels can only be put up in places that are warm.

False. Even though it's true that solar panels use energy from the sun to work. But when installing solar panels, weather conditions are taken into account. When it's very hot, solar panels don't work as well. 25 degrees would be the best temperature to get the most energy out of it. For every degree above that, a panel loses a little bit of its efficiency. This means that in hot weather, a solar PV system can lose up to 10% of its efficiency. Despite this, Germany is one of the biggest users of solar energy, even though it gets little sunlight and stays cold year-round.

Myth #2. Solar energy will never be able to help us meet our high energy needs.

False. It depends on how much space you have and how big your solar installation is. The more power a solar installation can make, the higher it is. They can't put up the number of panels required to fully power their homes because there isn't enough room in residential areas. When this happens, most homes can't run appliances that use more power, like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. But they can be used to power things like microwaves, TVs, light bulbs, fans, etc.

If you don't count the size of the space, there are many businesses and industries that use solar to power most or all of their space. This means they pay almost nothing for the electricity they use. Solar farms are a good way to show that the myth is not true. Through the Open Access model, many acres of land in a solar farm is set aside to power one or more consumers in another place. These projects can power a whole rural community or several businesses.

Myth #3. The only time you can use solar energy is during the day.

False. This statement doesn't apply to off-grid solar PV systems, which use electricity from the sun and a number of batteries to back it up. For solar PV systems that are connected to the grid, any extra electricity made by the sun is sent back to the grid so that units can be credited at night. But because solar policies vary from state to state, DISCOMS in some states does not give credit units back. In these cases, we recommend that our customers choose a hybrid solar PV system that adds battery storage to the on-grid solar PV system. This allows the users to store the extra electricity they make and use it at night.

Myth#4. Adding more solar panels will lower my electric bills.

While it is possible that the statement is somewhat accurate, this does not suggest that you can just keep randomly adding solar panels and expect your power expenses to get down. Before installing solar panels at a site, solar EPC companies do site inspections and analyses. Before beginning the process of installation, a number of issues, including shade-free territory, policies of the DISCOM, construction, and energy usage, amongst others, are taken into consideration. As a result, the assertion is valid before the installation but is no longer valid after the installation.

Myth#5. The lifespan of solar panels is relatively short.

It is not true that solar panels do not come with a warranty of at least 20 years. The lifespan of a solar panel is around 25 to 30 years, which indicates that it will continue to provide the advantages of solar energy for well over two decades. This does not imply that solar panels stop working after 30 years; rather, it only means that they stop producing the amount of energy that was desired. Solar panels that were placed in the year 1980 are still producing electricity.

One of the solar EPC companies that can help you with everything is Synergy Wave System. We hope that our solar EPC solutions bust a few more solar installation myths.