Solar Backpack


The backpack is the most useful daily utility item for adventurous people who go for trekking often. Why don’t you think about choosing a solar backpack over the regular one? The solar backpack or solar bag is quite similar to the traditional backpack, but with a difference. Such backpacks come with integrated solar panels fixed on the outer surface of the bag.

A solar bag makes the best use of solar panel technology and provides the user with the ability to recharge almost any hand-held electronic device anywhere the sun shines. There are photovoltaic cells fitted on these bags to generate solar energy, which is clean and endless energy available for charging your devices and gadgets.

Why Synergy Wave System LLP?

Synergy Wave System LLP specializes in making products using solar technology that make life easier. We provide a wide range of portable outdoor solar backpacks that has top-of-the-line features. They are quite durable and weatherproof against harsh outdoors. Its huge capacity and plenty of pockets make it great for tech-intensive travel or even for small trips.

The solar backpacks available in our stock comprises of solar panel with a monocrystalline cell of 20 per cent efficiency. The thought process behind utilizing this sort of solar panel is that it yields the maximum power outputs and it likewise needs the minimal amount of space in comparison to a few other types. The material used in the making of the backpack is canvas, which is weatherproof, no matter the condition of the climate outside.

Hence, all of our products produce energy to fulfill daily energy needs. During the product lifecycle, we do our best to save resources. This incorporates distinguishing and utilizing eco-friendly materials, making products modular for a simple fix, and picking solar panels that have a long lifetime.

Solar Camera Bag Pack – A Step towards Making Your Adventure More Advanced

The solar camera backpack is the latest innovation. Solar camera backpack by Sarrvad is the attention-grabbing addition to it. This is available with a 4-segmented solar panel plate that is incredibly compact and fitted right on top of the traveller bag. The bag has vast space segments to securely carry camera storage/lenses and different camera accessories. Our solar backpack also has small pockets to keep e-readers, cards, and so on.

If you are a professional photographer who is a travel enthusiast, Sarrvad has a camera backpack that will keep your gear safe as well as support your creativity.