Solar Generators


Solar energy is being put to fantastic uses nowadays and existing technology is being further developed for even better deployment. A fine example of this is a Solar Generator. It has solar panels to convert direct sunlight into alternating current (AC) to power electrical gadgets around the house. One distinct difference between conventional generators and solar generators is that the former consume fossil fuel to produce electricity that has to be consumed instantly. On the other hand, solar generators have a battery that can store the produced electricity for later use.

Why Synergy Wave System LLP

Our solar generators are durable, portable and compact. Our value-for-money solar generators are powerful and come in handy as an electricity generator and also as an emergency flashlight! Our generators pass through multi-levels of rigorous tests so that top-performance by our solar generators are guaranteed under different conditions.

Unlike other solar generators available, Sarrvad Ultra Portable Solar Generators are different because they have been designed, developed and manufactured after taking tedious feedbacks from customers on what they would like to see in a solar generator. This is why our generators are packed with features and functions that are seldom seen in a single solar generator.

Uses of Solar Generator

Sarrvad Ultra Portable Solar Generators are only 1.58kgs in weight, but pack a powerful punch! The light weight ensures portability. They sport built-in high power density lithium ion batteries that are capable of 155Wh of current. For a generator that is so compact in size, this is nothing less than a feat. Our solar generators boast of up to 100W AC continuous output and AC modified SineWave output. In everyday use, they are the ideal power source for car kits, fans, lamps, etc, because our generators also have triple DC output of up to 180W. We found out that on more everyday use, the customers wanted their solar generators to also charge small handheld devices. Therefore, we equipped our generator with up to 3 USB outputs, so that it can easily charge multiple smart devices at a time. Our solar generators also double up as an LED flashlight. Their multi-safety protections include over-current, over-voltage protection and safety against short-circuit and overload, etc.

Each generator takes only 7-8 hours of charging time. In every purchase of the generator, the customer gets 1 Portable Solar Generator, 1 Power Adaptor, 1 Car Charger, 1 Cigarette Lighter, 1 Solar DC Cable 3 m,1 User Manual.