Solar Lights


For those who hate wires, solar lights are first love. Needless to say that when it comes to outdoor lighting, maintenance cost arising out of wiring and fittings is of huge considerations. Sometimes due to extreme weather condition or damp environment, short circuits and malfunctioning are very common. In such adverse scenarios, the very purpose for which the lighting system is there goes for a toss. So, it’s prudent to choose outdoor solar light systems which come with no fuss of wiring and ease of installation. Shifting to solar lighting provides unmatched radiance with absolutely zero opex cost as lifetime freedom from monthly power bill. What else? They are also extremely low on upkeep.

Moreover, solar light is exceptionally energy efficient. It has zero carbon footprints, and again no wiring means no short circuits and no troubles. Due to all these reasons coupled with rising awareness among masses concerning our environment and fast depletion of renewable resources, solar lights are gaining massive popularity in the outdoor lighting landscape.

Why Synergy wave systems

We provide state of the art designed, high quality and durable solar lights which suffice outdoor lighting requirements for areas like pathways, residential complex, parking spots, parks, highways, courtyard, farms so on and so forth. Our value for money premium lighting products are well known for providing bright illumination and also fitted with motion sensors for optimum performance. Our products are rigorously tested to survive in the harshest of the weather condition so that you have peace of mind when you associate with Synergy Wave system LLP. We have a wide range of solar products in India with varied solar solutions

We have had large contracts with private and state players hence our solar lights are time-tested, and we have always proved our superior product presence. Our products are already installed at more than XYZ locations in ABC number of towns and cities. Our Solar lights designs can be customized as per the client’s requirement and purpose. These lights do not require alternate current grid access, are equipped with PV panels, and some are even fitted with rechargeable batteries.

Solar lighting is the future of illumination, and it is the right to associated with the movement of change. Say yes to Synergy wave systems LLP and be part of the system of convenience and saving our environment.

Uses and types of solar lighting

(a) Solar Garden light- Our elegantly designed garden lights make sure that always find people have a jaw-dropping experience whenever they have a look at it. These highly efficient lights are a mix of performance and style statement.

(b) Solar Street LEDs – These are widely used in residential societies, parking area, parks, and highways, etc. as they provide bright lighting for pedestrians and drivers. They provide bright light and at the same time save you big time on energy consumption bills. Install our solar street light and be rest assured of the quality.