Aug 05, 2020

Solar Panels at E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Solar Panels at E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Synergy Wave System LLP has successfully installed 165 KW system on E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd which would produce the essential clean and green energy to power their office. Read the full case study here:

What was the problem the client was facing?

A. Initially, the client was facing the issue of increased tariff from DISCOM & hefty electricity bills.

B. Space constraints due to shedding slope towards North Direction.

How did Synergy solve it?

While discussing the E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd solar panel system requirements, our engineers found that they want a custom-designed solar module structure to make the best use of clean energy and save on energy costs.

Firstly, we surveyed the roof where the solar panel system was required to be installed. Secondly, because the roof has a shedding slope towards the north side, we optimized our design solution a bit for the installation of the solar module. As a result, Synergy Wave System LLP team were able to utilize 100% of space with the use of specially designed elevated structure on the north side facing roof with optimum generation.

Based on their requirement, we successfully installed solar power panel of capacity 165 KWP & helped them save upto Rs 20 lacs annually on the electricity bill.

What all challenges Synergy faced while solving it?

To produce electricity, the solar panel system should directly face the sun. But E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd has the roof slope towards the north side the opposite of sun path, which was the major challenge for designing the plant layout.

As per studies, north-facing panels generally produce much less energy and usually present challenges for anyone looking to go solar, as panels installed on north-facing roofs will not produce enough to make financial sense.


To overcome this challenging situation and to help E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd sustainably lower their energy costs, the Synergy Wave System LLP designed the system with an elevated aluminium structure, which helped us to utilize the roof & install the plant on the same roof.

After the successful solar power panel installation, the firm has witnessed a huge drop in their energy costs due to less usage of DISCOM and generators to produce electricity for the whole building. Thus, solar installation becomes the perfect way for E-City Bioscope Entertainment Pvt Ltd to boost sustainability while saving quite a bit of money!