Sep 25, 2020

Solar Panels at New Sweet Home CGHS Ltd

Solar Panels at New Sweet Home CGHS Ltd

Synergy Wave System LLP has successfully installed 100 KW New Sweet Home CGHS Ltd and introduced clean energy with advanced technology. Read the full case study here:

What was the problem the client was facing?

A. The initial problem was increasing tarrif from DISCOM & High electricity bills and its burden in maintenance charges to society residents.

B. Space Constraint due to water tanks & lift Mumties.

C. Client's concern was also the load-bearing capacity of roof & water seepage from the roof due to the anchoring of bolts on the top.

How did Synergy Solve it?

A. Synergy Wave System has provided the ultimate solution by installing a Solar Power Plant with a capacity of 100 kW & CGHS. This not only helps them save Approx 08 lac on electricity charges every year but has also made them self-sufficient.

B. With the Optimized design and ideas that have helped in installing solar modules, we could utilize 100% of space with optimum generation.

C. Moreover, we have also installed MMS with chemical pasting on the roof to eliminate the water seepage problem.

What challenges Synergy Faced while solving it?

1. Extensive research work & detailed feasibility study was done before the beginning of the project. It took a great team effort, immaculate planning, and excellent execution to complete the whole project with efficient parameters, so the developer minimized the cost burden.

2. Measures had to be taken for lifting the modules & other BOS materials from the ground to the rooftop with the help of machineries like hydra as the facility of service lift was not available at the site.


The solar power plant installation has helped them to save approx eight lacs on electricity per annum. Space Constraint due to water tanks & lift Mumties were solved with optimum designs to utilize 100 percent of space with solar power plant installation. The water seepage problem was eliminated by installing MMS on the roof.