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June 19, 2019

Solar-Powered Camera Bag – A Boon

Solar-Powered Camera Bag – A Boon

Solar energy or energy through the sun is actually a blessing in a scenario when energy resources are depleting day by day. Solar energy is not only a powerhouse for industrial setups, but it also powers residential setups in an effective manner too.

Use of sunlight to produce energy reduces dependence on non-renewable resources by generating solar energy. It is a boon to the environment and also reduces carbon footprint. Although markets are getting filled with n number of consumer goods that have solar power features. Solar camera bag-pack is a recent invention. Solar camera bag-pack by SARRVAD is extremely interesting segment into it. SARRVAD camera bag-packs with a 4-segmented solar panel plate are the very compact traveller bag.

Shape And Size

Camera Bag-pack is available with the superior monocrystalline panel to raise its efficiency up to 20 per cent. A foldable panel strip is folded in it so that when the customer finds sufficient sunlight, he/she can simply open that panel strip and then connect any gadget or battery power-bank with the bag so as to charge it.

The core of solar lies behind the solar crystalline silicon plates. Within plates - electrons, protons and neutrons are present within a cell structure that wants to achieve a stable state as per their valence cell configuration. When sunlight falls on them, charges start transferring and this flow/movement of charges generates electric current. Diodes are there to avoid current fluctuations to safeguard your costly gadgets.

The SARRVAD Camera Bag-Pack is useful for travellers and photographers. The bag comes with large space segments for camera storage/lenses and other camera accessories, while it also has few small pockets for cards, e-readers, etc.

Here is a list of top uses and features of a solar-powered camera bag:

  • Ease of carrying a camera/DSLR in a well-folded protective bag
  • Effortlessly carrying cell phones, memory cards, and card readers in a separate column
  • Charging gadgets and the camera in places where finding electricity is an issue
  • Endless energy power source
  • The bag-pack is lightweight, durable, rough-and-tough for all-weather conditions

The bottom line is that the future is moving towards harnessing sun’s energy in ways previously unimagined. And the SARRVAD Camera Bag-Pack is a step in that direction.