Solar Water Pump


The primary use of the solar water pump is in the agrarian sector apart from usage in commercial space also. The ever increasing cost of diesel prices and related pollution has made opting for solar water pump need of the hour. It’s a one-time investment with zero running cost and has a long life. It has no noise and is eco-friendly. The extensive range of government subsidies attached to it makes its consideration even more thought-provoking. The solar pump subsidy help in reducing the cost of installation of solar water pumps to a great extent and make it a viable option to use. These pumps simply operate on power generated by the PV system. The assembly of PV cells converts the solar energy into electric energy which is the power used to run the motor pump set. Solar pumps are of different sizes and capacities and are capable of drawing water from the bore-well, stream, pond, canal, etc.

Why Synergy wave system LLP

Our cost-effective heavy duty solar pumps come with absolutely zero maintenance issue. This no-pollution device is quite popular in use to lift the groundwater in farm and industrial space. While choosing a solar water pump, there are a lot of factors which needs to be considered and the best possible option to be put into use.

The most important parameters while choosing a solar water pump are location, the quantity of water needed, the motor head, etc. At Synergy wave system LLP our team of experts would be there to help you in charting out a detailed plan basis the input provided by you. Whether the requirement is for agriculture purpose or industrial use, you can contact us, and we will be more than happy to serve you.

We have massive experience in the field of solar water pump installation, a range of other solar equipment and you can be benefited to a great extent by our expertise. At the end of the day what we need is delightful and satisfied customers who are appreciative about our products and services, and that is our vision and motto.

Type of Solar Water Pumps – All solar pumps use

Submersible pumps – the installation of these pumps is done by digging a bore-well and as the name suggests it is located deep below the ground level and remains submerged underwater. Best suited for its installation is where the water table is deeper than 10-15 meters.

Surface pumps – These pumps are installed on the surface. They remain in open and out of the water and are extremely easy to install and maintain. These are not suitable for places wherein the water table is deep. These are generally used in case of open well, pond, etc.

DC and AC pumps – No battery or inverter is required in case of DC pumps while in case of AC pumps its motor operates on alternate current. The direct current produced by solar panel system gets converted to AC using the inverter.