Solar PV Modules


A Solar cell is used to convert Light energy into electrical energy. Solar Cell uses the Photovoltaic effect (PV effect) to do the same. The output generated by a single solar cell is insufficient, hence to mitigate this and to increase the output power level, many PV solar cells are connected. The end product is Solar PV Module, and it aims at providing a standard output voltage power via assembly of connected solar cells.

From the first practical application of powering spacecraft and orbiting satellites, it has now come a long way, and we can now see the modules being used massively for various purposes ranging from powering your household items to selling power directly to the grid.

Why Synergy wave systems

Our PV solar panels are reliable and provide optimum power output range with maximum efficiency and have the most exceptional power output tolerance. It is the best suited & durable energy generation option for residential, commercial & industrial scenarios. Moreover, these are one of our most popular products known for their proven performance and stringent dependability. They are lightweight and rugged, best suited for all weather conditions. These modules are designed and placed in such a manner to generate ideal power even in a limited space scenario.

Synergy wave systems LLP solar module prices are one of most competitive across and it comprises one of the best solar panels in India.

Uses and Types of PV Modules

Broader classification of PV modules is done basis their functional and operation requirement and their component configuration. Moreover, another important factor is as to how the equipment is connected to other power sources and electrical loads

So, the primary classification of PV Modules is as follows

(a) Grid-Connected PV Module – The modules are installed on your residential, commercial or industrial space (primarily rooftops). It is an effective way to reduce your dependence on grid power as the modules supply the power directly to the grid. It helps you earn and at the same time provides renewable energy production and improving our environment. They are designed to operate in parallel with and interconnected with the electric utility grid. Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) is an essential component here which converts the DC power produced by the PV assembly unit into AC power.

(b) Off-Grid Solar PV Module - These are installed on remote sites, rural areas and other isolated spots which are not in reach of the power grid. This system also needs deep cycle rechargeable batteries. These come as a lifeline to such places where providing grid connectivity is a challenge and or unviable.

(c) Standalone PV Module – These are designed to be explicitly used as an independent unit not dependent on the grid. These help to supply DC and AC electric loads. There is no electric energy storage possible here by the use of batteries as the load only operates during sunlight hours. Water pumps, ventilation fans are examples of usage of such modules.