Solar Travel Chargers


In the last few years, solar cell technology has seen immense advancements. Photo-voltaic cells have become more efficient to convert sunlight into electricity and have become more durable and longer-lasting. More and more adaptations of direct conversion-and-use of solar power are being introduced in the market. One such versatile innovation is the Solar Travel Charger.

Simply put, it is a solar charging surface, that is foldable, portable and extremely lightweight. It can be carried around anywhere, spread and laid out on any surface receiving sunlight to convert and store electric charge. And this charge can later be used to charge portable electronic devices.


There are many advantages that come with opting for a Sarrvad Solar Travel Charger. Here are the best ones –

  • Our Solar Travel Chargers are made of international standard photo-voltaic cells, which have more than 23.5% efficiency to convert sunlight to electricity.
  • Our chargers are lightweight and durable to last a lifetime.
  • Depending on your personal preference, our chargers come in a wide range of 10-100W power capacity.
  • For the sake of peace of your mind, all our Solar Travel Chargers are covered under 12 months of warranty.
  • Our chargers come with DC charging cable and DC connector cable.

Tips for Choosing the Best solar Travel Charger For You:

Surface Area – The larger the solar surface, the more sunlight it collects and faster it gets converted to power stored in a battery. However, a larger surface will also mean that the relative cost of the charger will increase. Therefore, determining what electronic device(s) that you will be charging on the move will be crucial.

Weight – Solar Travel Chargers are made with one thing in mind… Travel. Therefore, it is wise to use a charging companion that is lightweight and can be easily packed and carried with your other accessories.

Weather-resistance – Solar Travel Chargers are meant for the outdoors and therefore it makes sense for them to be tough in different weather conditions. SARRVAD Solar Travel Chargers boast of a waterproof fabric that protects the solar cells to give long-lasting protection against harsh outdoor weather.