Solar Water Heater


When it comes to traditional water heating devices – the small cylindrical geyser, which we have been using in our homes for years, is the most popular option that comes to our mind. But the only problem is that it consumes a lot of electricity, and hence it hurts our pockets. But we have never had many alternatives until the launch of the solar water heater. They are extremely economical and convenient too. A solar water heater needs to be installed on the rooftops or open space where it can get sunlight which is used to heat water and store it in an insulated tank for further consumption. Moreover, just like a solar inverter, a solar water heater can also be integrated with an existing electric system which can act as a backup during rainy or overcast days. Moreover, there are various schemes run by the state / central government to provide attractive subsidies on the installation of solar water heaters & solar thermal. These schemes come quite handy while choosing a useful water heating device not necessarily in hilly areas but plains also.

Why Synergy wave system LLP

At Synergy wave system LLP we firmly believe that using a solar water heater lets you harness two of the most potent resources of nature simultaneously, i.e. water and sunlight. Moreover, you can have copious hot water showers in the chilliest winters without worrying about your electric meter readings and at the same time have the pleasant feeling of reducing carbon footprints by choosing a renewable energy option which is gaining massive popularity at a fast pace. We are a renowned name in the solar energy equipment suppliers.

Our Solar water heaters are designed with robust material to handle extreme weather conditions effectively and at the same time provide efficient output so that you can enjoy the full value of your money invested.

So, whether its requirement of heating water in community places, pre-heating water for industries or hot water for domestic usage, we provide a customized solution in solar thermal for household, institutional and commercial requirements. Our system is very easy to install and integrate with all kinds of existing plumbing.

Type of water heater

Broad categorization of solar water heater is ECT- Evacuated tube collector and Flat Plate collector We deal in ECT as it is the most sought-after and much superior to Flat plate collector solar water heater since it is quick in heat generation with minimal heat loss in tubes. It works effectively even in extreme cold conditions with negligible scaling on tubes. System life is quite high, and it enjoys very low maintenance and no solar energy cost.