Sep 29, 2020

The Rising Sun With The Installation Of Solar Panels at VSR 114 Avenue Mall

The Rising Sun With The Installation Of Solar Panels at VSR 114 Avenue Mall

Synergy Wave System LLP has successfully installed 62 KW system on VSR 114 Avenue Mall and introduced clean energy with proven technology. Read the full case study here:

What was the problem the client was facing?

A. The client’s initial problem was increasing tariffs from DISCOM &high electricity bills.

B. Space constraints due to a large number of equipment were installed at roof live AHU's fire tanks.

C. The client’s concern was also the load-bearing capacity of roof & water seepage from the roof due to anchoring of bolts on the roof.

How did Synergy solve it?

A. With highly-optimized technology, Synergy Wave System LLP provided the solution by installing SPP of 62kwp. The company has shed electricity bill options 9 lac annually.

B. With the intersection of trailblazing ideas and technology, Synergy Wave System LLP provided the ultimate solution by installing the solar module, by which we were able to utilize 100% of space with the optimum production.

C. With the resources motored with lastest Al technology. Anodised MMS with the chemical pasting of Fly ash brick module on the roof, which is 50-60 % lighter than the conventional RCC column.

What challenges did Synergy face while solving it?

We have to design a project with cost-efficient parameters so that the cost burden is minimized for a developer.

Extensive research work & detailed feasibility study was done before the beginning of the project. It took a great team effort, immaculate planning, and great execution to complete the whole project with efficient parameters, so the cost burden is minimized for the developer.

Imperative measures were taken for the success of a project under the given guidelines. But, with the great teamwork, immaculate planning, and execution the project turned into a huge success.


The solar panel installation at VSR 114 Avenue Mall helped the client save electricity charges of approximately Rs 9 lac on an annual basis. With access to the abundance of consistent and clear solar energy resources enabled the client to be no more dependant on external electricity generators and power back up that are not reliable and pricy.