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August 05, 2020

Things you should consider before installing solar panels

Things you should consider before installing solar panels

If you’re reading this blog then you might be here to know all the Dos and Don’ts before you go solar. Well, we thank you for the efforts you’re making in nurturing the resources for our future generations. We’ve seen the installation of solar lights in Delhi with great frequency.

For a country like India, where the statistics of electricity usage is quite baffling and its numbering tremendously, solar energy is the solution. The trend of solar panels installation in India has paved almost all the issues, and is projecting great results such as –

  • It has saved our pockets from the heavy load of electricity bills.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Long-lasting functioning.

And what not? We all are well-informed that how solar energy helps in cultivating life on earth. But, to avail the benefits of solar energy, there are certain things to be considered before you go with solar panel installation.

Let’s get further with the tips that will surely save you from the dead weight loss.

Rooftop, material & layout

Solar panels are extremely long-lasting for more than 25 – 30 years, and this is one of the cost-effective advantages we have of it. Moreover, several mandatory conditions are required such as rooftop condition, material of the rooftop that supports solar panels and layout. In case of some mishappening , it is advisable to repair the damage, as the re-installation process is highly daunting.

Area to get perfect sunlight

Solar panels are massive and also require sunny surfaces to avail the benefits of solar energy. India is a tropical country with a massive landmass that keeps the country in continuous exposure to solar radiation throughout the year. If you’re living in a state with mostly cloudy weather, no worries you can still avail the benefits of solar energy by installing extra solar panels to fill that void of low energy consumption.

Always ensure the warranty of your solar panels.

Solar panels are pricy, but one time investment that gives life time benefits. It’s crucial to make sure its functions last long. Hence, you must ensure that your solar panels come under decent warranty from the supplier before you start your solar panel installation.

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