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March 5, 2020

Difference between Solar Generators or Diesel Generators for Hiking

Difference between Solar Generators or Diesel Generators for Hiking

A portable device that makes use of solar energy to produce electricity unlike feeding on exhaustive resources such as fossil fuels, is known as a solar generator. Primarily a solar generator comprises four parts i.e. the solar panels, the inverter, the solar battery, and the charge controller. Today we see a wider practice for these solar batteries whether it is for the self-serving utility or the general environmental gain.

A diesel generator, on the other hand, is more of a conventional approach. A diesel engine and an AC alternator combined to produce electricity of the chemical element. Both have their benefits and drawbacks in their respective areas.

While a diesel generator would be essential to high consumers of energy for instance a hospital, the former is more suitable for its adaptability, especially hiking.

Solar Generator vs. Diesel Generator

Let's discuss how diesel and solar generators are different and decide on their general utility.

1. Cost - Solar generators have an ill reputation for being expensive. But if we are thinking long-term, a solar generator is indeed costlier at installation. Although a diesel generator will demand a constant supply of fuel and maintenance. A diesel generator will end up costing you more.

2. Pollution - A diesel generator is loud and causes significant air pollution. A solar generator on the other hand doesn't cause any amount of air or noise pollution. Rather it also helps in the conservation of energy.

3. Efficiency - A rainy day or a cloudy day doesn't sit well when it comes to solar generators. But a storm or disaster will render a diesel generator useless as well. A solar generator is usually more effective for warm, tropical countries however development in these devices has enabled more efficient usage. Did you know Germany, a cooler country, uses a large amount of solar energy unlike the warmer parts of North America? In terms of hiking, you will not always have the sunniest weather, but with the admirable amount of energy conservation in solar generators, there will hardly be a hindrance.

4. Maintenance - A solar generator breaking down is far less probable than a diesel generator breaking down. This not only ensures that solar generators require low maintenance but also more reliable.

5. Safety - A solar generator ensures a low DC voltage output making it safer in application than a Diesel Generator.

For Hiking

Solar Generators are indeed ideal for hiking. How?

• They are great for charging devices or working small gadgets. And while hiking you would never really need to work high-power-consuming machinery that can't be powered by an adept solar generator.

• Solar Generators are easily portable unlike a diesel generator making it easier for you to focus on the hike.

• Most fundamentally, solar generators are way more reliable than diesel generators. They are clean and require low maintenance with lower chances of breaking down and finally work on an unlimited source of energy. You do not have to carry a lot of fuel around with you and even if you do, there is no guarantee that it won't exhaust. So while you are hiking through an isolated region a little sunlight can save you but no fuel will leave you in distress.

• Solar generators can also backup a significant amount of energy to help you when there is a power shortage or not enough resources.

10 Hiking necessities that can be and are powered by a solar generator:

• Solar Lantern/ flashlight

• Cooler

• Speakers/ Radio

• Water purifier

• Solar oven

• Camera Charger

• Power station to charge multiple devices simultaneously

• Portable solar fan

• Charging car batteries

• Lights for your campsite and for on the go.

There are primarily three types of solar generators - portable generators, inverter generators, and standby generators. A portable generator is a kind you want to use for hiking, even though it can be used appropriately in our households as well. An inverter generator unlike the standby generator too can be portable. Are you a fellow hiking enthusiast on the outlook for a reliable energy source? Invest in an excellent solar generator in Gurgaon and enjoy the benefits it comes with.