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April 15, 2021

How Long Does a Solar Panel from a Solar Company in Gurgaon usually Last

How Long Does a Solar Panel from a Solar Company in Gurgaon usually Last

It is not very uncommon to come across individuals, specifically homeowners, with an interest to install solar panels in their homes for domestic usage. However, one of the biggest hindrances they face regarding this decision is the longevity of the solar panels. This question of “how long do solar panels last” is quite justified, given the length of the life of your solar panel will ultimately decide whether your savings was worth the money that you spent on buying the solar panel or not.

Your solar panel will put an end to your electricity bills and the hole that they burn in your pocket, and the right solar panels will continue to do so for decades. You have to keep in mind that you buy standard ones from the best solar company in Gurgaon. But to purchase the right one, you will have to first go through the industrial standards of the solar panel and the rate at which it will eventually degrade.

What is the life length of an average solar panel from a solar company in Gurgaon?

When it comes to the life length of solar panels, there is an average rule of thumb: the approximate life length of a solar panel is from 25 to 30 years. Does this mean that the solar panel will suddenly stop functioning and producing energy after 25 years? Absolutely no. This means that at the end of this period the quality of the solar panel and the rate at which it produces energy may degrade by quite a significant value.

An average solar panel is guaranteed to provide you with decades of satisfactory and consistent energy production function. However, this will only happen given that the solar panels are not physically damaged by external factors such as extreme weather conditions of rough winds, debris, and so on. This is due to the fact that solar panels do not have any moving parts or motor that may stop functioning over time, or get broken or damaged from the insides. Rather, the parts get damaged due to external settings such as rough weather conditions or the wrong setup of the solar panel. For example, a proper solar company in Gurgaon that has installed the solar panel carefully is guaranteed to last for decades due to the consistent weather conditions.

What is the damage rate of a solar panel?

It was reported in a survey conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or NREL in 2012 that an average solar panel saw a decrease by 0.8 percent in its annual emissions. This level of decrease is known as the solar panel’s damage rate. However, this damage rate varies based upon the kind of solar panel that you purchase, and the quality of work it is supposed to deliver. For instance, premium quality solar panels from top manufacturers have a damage rate of 0.3 percent.

The damage rate of a solar panel is constantly on the run for betterment. Hence, the overall quality and longevity of all kinds of solar panels are getting better at a consistent rate. Nowadays only approximately 1 percent of all solar panels across the globe see a fall in the quality of energy production prematurely before its suggested date of depreciation. And the best part? The survey was conducted in 2012, almost a decade ago. Since then, technologies with a lot more rate of efficiency have been developed, with an average damage rate of less than 0.5 percent.

What can be done to make your solar panel last longer?

Most of the good manufacturing companies make sure that the solar panels are extremely durable and will last long through the test of rough weather conditions. However, as a buyer, you can ensure one thing: that your solar panel is installed properly by a skilled technician or installer.

You need to ensure that the solar panel you purchase comes with a long warranty, one that covers all the features of your solar panel. Most solar panels guarantee a period of 10 – 12 years, but they last for over 25 years.

Make sure that you properly maintain your solar panel. Like all other electronic gadgets, proper maintenance guarantees a long life of great and durable performance.


Most of the solar panels from the standard solar company in Gurgaon come with an additional guarantee from the manufacturing company, which will provide you with an idea of how long your solar panel may last. You will get a warranty on many different aspects of the solar panel, including a warranty on the equipment itself, on its operations, and even on the product features which guarantees you the greatest rate of energy production. We hope that you found our article helpful!