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how solar street light works
June 20, 2021

How Solar Street Light works

How Solar Street Light works

You must have observed the street lights in any part of the city, you have been!

Public infrastructures are good sources of lights, especially during the night-time, when there is no source of light around.

These can help you in the direction while driving, walking, and commuting.

But, have you wondered what about the rural areas where you get to find the lights but that they don’t have electrical grids!

In such cases, there is solar LED Street lights present at the places. Solar LED Street lights are equally efficient as solar energy is.

It helps benefit the climate, and not causing any harm to it. Solar LED Street lights are an environmentally friendly energy system.

According to World Energy, it is predicted that under the process of right optimization, solar energy will be able to replace modern energy sources.

How does Solar Street Light work?

The Solar LED Street lights work by utilizing solar energy, the street lights are dependent on solar cells, which are also known as photovoltaic cells.

These are the lights that are responsible for absorbing solar energy during the daytime.

Solar cells convert this solar energy into usable the electrical energy that powers lamps during the daytime.

The same process repeats every day and is considered as the way for street lights to have a sustainable source of energy.

Kinds of Solar LED Street Lights

The best part of Solar LED Street light is that it is one of the classifications of many other variants.

The other kinds of Solar LED Street light include the following:

1. Induction-Technology based street lights:

These lights make use of lamps, that don’t carry filaments. This prevents the lamp from getting damaged.

This helps the lamps to stay sustainable and long-lasting. Induction- technology-based street light can last up to 10000 hours.

Induction-based lamps street lamps also have a lower maintenance cost. Also, it generates less heat.

2. Sodium Vapour Street Lights:

Sodium Vapour Street Lights use sodium as their main source of light. Sodium is put in a state where things are not static.

Due to its state, it can discharge the light it has stored. The lights are absorbed by solar panels during the daytime.

Batteries are kept to receive the transformed energy and then given its basic nature of rechargeability.

Usually, sodium-based street lights don’t require any wiring. This feature makes them suitable for residential areas, parks, public spaces, plazas, and streets.

Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights

1. LED Street lights are associated with LED lamps, as light-emitting diode lamps. These lamps have a special compound that releases light when direct current from the source, then the battery gets passed to it.

2. LED Street lights are suitable for companies that have LED lamps available in different shapes, styles, and sizes. These are durable and last for about 50,000 hours.

3. The best part of the LED lamps is that it doesn’t require much current to operate, and also tend to be smaller in size compared to other lamps.

4. Solar LED lights are dependent on the photovoltaic effect that allows the solar cell to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy.

5. It is done when the electrons are negatively charged, and push solar energy into positively charged spaces in the solar cells.

6. This process allows solar energy to transfer into electrons that become the source of direct electricity.

7. This is similar to works that are electricity-based. The wires are associated with the solar cells.

8. The solar cells are connected to battery, to shift the fresh direct current electricity from sunlight.

9. Sometimes, it happens when solar cells stop the conversion process when the sunlight disappears.

10. In this case, photoreceptors will help the solar cell to stop, when there is not enough sunlight for the process of conversion and battery starts supplying power to the LED lamp via wiring.


With the elaborations of the concepts and the gist of how Solar LED Street light works, now you have a clear idea about the same.

The usage of environmentally friendly Solar LED Street lights should be promoted and increased. These make replacements for the regular street lights which will benefit us in every way!