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Prevent Solar Panels from Breaking
May 5, 2021

4 Ways to Prevent Solar Panels from Breaking

4 Ways to Prevent Solar Panels from Breaking

While the glass on commercial and residential solar panels is incredibly strong – much more potent than ordinary glass – but it is still breakable. The solar panel glass is engineered to survive harsh weather and extensive usage. However, such circumstances can damage this glass and, in the worst-case scenarios, crack or break the glass.

When it comes to solar panel maintenance, solar system owners make a variety of errors. Some individuals try to clean the solar panels in their house on their own. Cleaning solar panels may appear to be a simple job that can be completed with only a garden hose. However, improper cleaning of solar panels is one of the most frequent causes of broken solar panels.

Today, this article, for most of it, revolves around how you can prevent solar panels from cracking and breaking. Keep reading so that you can avoid these mistakes too.

1.Avoid Thermal Fatigue, Shock, and Stress

Solar panels get hot due to the sun in the summer. And, on top of it, if you spray cold water on them, it will cause a condition known as 'thermal stress.' glass is porous by composition, but as it undergoes a rapid temperature rise, the material cannot cope quickly enough and fractures.

It is unusual for a solar panel system to crack due to a single incident. But if it does then, it is known as 'thermal shock.' However, several cycles of thermal and physiological stress can cause the glass of solar panels to crack over time. This phenomenon is known as 'thermal fatigue.'

Thermal fatigue is a severe challenge when it comes to the long-term durability and warranties of solar panels. That's why the best time to clean the solar panels is at night, as suggested by solar panel experts. At night, solar panels are cool and won't cause thermal fatigue.

Prevent the Use of Hose While Cleaning Solar Panels

Despite its resilience, solar panel glass is susceptible to thermal shock. So, by using a hose to wipe residue and soil off your panels, you must be very cautious of your planning. When the sun is shining brightly, avoid washing the panels. And, even in the dead of winter, the glass would be hot enough to break at the time of day. If you want to spray on the solar panels, it is best to do so in the early morning or evening when the modules are cool. However, if at all possible, stop using a hose and instead hire the services of a Solar EPC Company.

Prevent Heavy Objects from Falling on the Solar Panels

The solar panels are strong enough to survive collisions caused by a frisbee or rubber playground ball. The glass of the solar panels can easily break by the effect of heavier weight or an object falling at a high velocity. As a result, you should alert your family members about it, invite the kids in your neighborhood to play baseball at the park instead of your house's backyard. It is also a brilliant idea to keep any surrounding trees cut because the effect of a dropping limb will cause the solar panel screen to break.

Take Note of the Weather Conditions While Installation

Extreme weather conditions will cause the solar panels to break. Although solar panels are designed and tested to withstand various environmental conditions, hail has been best known to shatter the glass. Although this type of injury is very uncommon, it can still occur. Unfortunately, you cannot protect the panels from cracking due to weather disruption, but you should take precautions when assembling the panels to reduce the risk. Installing smaller solar panels will help to mitigate the harm caused by severe weather. Besides that, asking the insurance provider for it is a brilliant idea because specific home insurance plans compensate unintended loss or breakdown due to an adverse weather incident.

The Bottom Line

Though solar panels are solid and long-lasting, they can break. Most panels are designed to withstand various environmental factors. However, there are a variety of causes that contribute to broken solar panels. The methods mentioned above will assist you in protecting your panels. However, if one of your solar panels is fractured or damaged, it is strongly advised that you immediately take the help of a reputable and reliable solar EPC company.