june 11, 2020

A Case Study: Solar Panels at Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd

A Case Study: Solar Panels at Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd

Synergy Wave System LLP has successfully installed a 100 KW system on Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd, which is now reaping the benefits of clean energy. Read the full case study here:

What was the problem the client was facing?

Client’s initial problem was increasing tariff from DISCOM & hefty electricity bills.

How did Synergy Solve it?

While discussing the Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd project requirements, our team of expert engineers found that they want a solar system that would reduce their utility bill and allow them to generate their clean energy. They wanted a system that would follow the community’s strict building standards and blend seamlessly with the firm’s asbestos roof.

To meet the requirements, Synergy Wave System LLP provided the solution in the form of solar power plant installation of 100 kwp & now they are saving electricity bill upto Rs. 13 lac annually.

What all challenges Synergy Faced while solving it?

Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd has an asbestos roof which is quite old and unable to bear any kind of load. This was a quite challenging situation for us to deal with. Because the solar plant can be installed on any roof that has sufficient strength

According to the studies, the life of a solar panel is a minimum of 25 years. So, the roof on which it is going to be installed should last for at least 25 years. But the asbestos roof has a maximum life of 15 years after which it starts to break.


Due to the low strength of the asbestos roof, Synergy Wave System LLP installed solar power plant with the help of adjustable Aluminium Monorail, which supports for mounting solar panel more easily, to reduce the weight of total installation.

After the solar power panel installation, the firm has witnessed a reduction in their energy bills due to less usage of DISCOM and generators to generate electricity for the whole building. Thus, solar becomes the perfect way for Rawalwasia Ispat Udyog Pvt Ltd to improve sustainability while saving quite a bit of money!