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The Top Advantages Of Using Solar Lighting
September 28, 2021

The Top Advantages Of Using Solar Lighting

The Top Advantages Of Using Solar Lighting

When grid power is unavailable or very expensive to bring to a place, a solar lighting system provides security and illumination in selected locations. It is also beneficial in circumstances where a company wants to show off their green initiative with a grid alternative or if they want to get LEED points for the latest project installation.

Because installation expenses are the same, solar lights are a terrific alternative and cost-effective choice for projects like this. There are no expenditures associated with trenching in grid power, dropping metres, or paying electric bills. A solar company in Gurgaon can assist you in purchasing these lights for a more environmentally friendly future.

Top Benefits of a Solar Lighting System

There are many other perks of using a solar lighting system instead of traditional grid lighting. Have a look:

Green Alternative

Solar lighting is a green alternative that requires no grid power at all. This means they do not rely on the grid to keep things running smoothly, ensuring lots of light during brownouts or blackouts.

They also employ one of the most advanced renewable energy technologies in the world. Solar costs are falling every year, making it one of the most affordable renewable energy sources on the market today.

Cost-Effective Installation

A grid system installation and the off-grid solar installation often cost the same per pole. The key distinction is that traditional grid power does not require trenching, and there are no metres to install.

One of the costliest components of a lighting project's installation is disconnecting grid power and installing a metre. Trenching can be even more expensive in certain situations, such as when there are large barriers in the road or when the surrounding landscape is costly to disturb or repair, such as a newly paved parking lot.

Grid lights use the same poles as off-grid solar lighting installations. Because the poles are constructed to withstand the increased weight and EPA of the solar power installation, the footers may be larger with the solar lights.

From the main power supply to the poles, there is no underground conduit. For some installations, all wire is positioned at the top of the pole or on a nearby pole. The power is also low voltage, making installation and maintenance safer.

Finally, root systems, underground utilities, and other obstructions that commonly cause problems with ordinary electric trenching are no longer a concern. Simply place the pole where the light is required.

Free Maintenance

The systems are maintenance-free, particularly as the usage of LED fixtures has grown in popularity, with LED lights having a lifespan of 20 years or more. LEDs have the longest durability of any fixture currently available.

Unlike traditional AC-powered fixtures, photocells are no longer used, which is the second most common reason for maintenance. Using standard settings, the solar panel serves as a photocell.

When the panel produces a charge during the day, the controller recognises that it is day and turns off the fixture. The controllers recognise that it is the night when the panel stops producing a charge and turn on the light fixtures.

If properly sized, the batteries can last for five to seven years. This means that a battery change, visual inspection of the panels and fixture, and cleaning of any components is needed every five years or so.

The rainwater in the area cleans the solar panels. Cleaning the panels each year or so may be necessary if you live in a place with little to no rainfall, but for the most part, the 45° angle of the panels enables nature to keep them clean.

The systems require no additional maintenance because all other components have 15-30 years or more life range.

Zero Electricity Bills

Finally, because solar lighting systems are fully grid-free, no electrical power bills are associated with their use. Consider the possibility of not having to pay a power bill for your lighting project.

The upfront expenditures of a commercial system can be scary, but when contrasted to the reasons listed above, the eventual savings are easily proven.

Working with your solar specialist to determine the cost differences over time might provide additional cost comparisons. Comparing what would be installed usually against the solar lights throughout the project's 25+ year lifespan might provide you with a broad picture of the project.

The best solar lights for the outdoors must have the following characteristics:

To Wrap Up

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