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Why Should You Consider a Solar Generator for Hiking
July 05, 2021

Why Should You Consider a Solar Generator for Hiking

Why Should You Consider a Solar Generator for Hiking

Solar generators are a viable alternative to fossil-fuel-powered generators. The solar generator India is lightweight, convenient to use indoors and out and almost silent when in use. On the other hand, fuel generators are frequently big, occasionally noisy and never safe to use indoors.

Even though fuel generators provide greater power, fuel cost is high and not always readily available. A solar generator uses the sun as a fuel source rather than gas, diesel, or propane. Solar panels, in particular, collect energy from the sun and store it in a large battery.

There is a solar generator India to match your needs, whether you desire the peace of mind that a solar generator may provide in the event of an unexpected electricity failure at home, or you are ready to hit the road in your RV or woods with camping kit in tow.

Before Purchasing a Solar Generator

Because they are simple to pack, store and transport, the most acceptable solar generators are great for travelling, hiking and other outdoor events. The units also serve as an effective backup source in a household emergency caused by extreme weather or outages.

Solar generator India is a clean energy source. However, they have limits due to the inadequate wattage capacity and delayed recharging. The energy it generates can power lights, portable televisions and electrical gadgets such as smartphones and laptops for several hours. However, it does not have enough electricity to drive all the large appliances in a home at the same time or for an extremely long time.

Types of Solar Generators

A generator provides an interim electricity supply for those who live in places where power outages are common. Solar backup generators and portable solar generators are two types of solar generators that can be used at home. Both solar generators produce electricity; however, they differ in wattage capacity, energy storage and cost.

Solar Backup Generators

Solar backup generators are a cost-effective alternative to establishing a comprehensive system. They are meant to provide electricity when the electrical grid fails. For high-wattage output, these generators require numerous batteries to store energy. However, they are powerful enough to power lights, televisions, laptops and small to mid-sized appliances.

Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are small and portable, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. They're perfect for houses, cottages, campgrounds, recreation vehicles (RVs), automobiles and boats. For travel purposes, some generators come with a pull handle or an attached handgrip. Solar panels recharge a portable solar generator's battery.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Solar Generator?

Consider your intended usage while selecting the best solar generator for your requirements and budget. Then, you can choose a solar generator with the right size, power and capacity based on how and where you plan to use it.

User Activity and the Purpose

Because everyone's motives for buying a solar power generator are likely to be different, it's essential to focus on your purpose for buying one and the activities you expect to achieve with it. For example, solar generators are beneficial to everyone who travels and stays in off-grid locations. But you may also need a reliable backup energy source for your home in case of a natural or man-made calamity.

Solar Input and Size

Many solar generators can provide hours of electricity to portable devices, smartphones, tablets, small appliances and wireless tools. However, keeping a refrigerator running for a whole day may require the use of a separate generator.

The solar panels are referred to as solar input. Solar panels absorb and convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in the generator's battery. The amount of solar input determines how long a generator can run and how long it will take to recharge.

Battery Storage Capacity

The energy consumed by the solar panel is collected in the solar generator's battery for immediate use. Lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries are commonly used in solar generators. You can use the generator at night-time or on days when there isn't much sunlight.

The capacity of the batteries defines the generator's duration time. The more power required by an electronic item, the faster the battery charge will drain. The number of devices consuming power from the generator simultaneously influences the length of the battery charge.

Expandability of Power

You may wish to upgrade the capacity of your solar generator in the future, especially if you find you need more electricity. However, it is not always possible to upgrade a solar generator.

The charge controller, which transmits the power in one direction from the solar panels to the batteries, is responsible for expanding your power. As an essential component of the solar generator, the primary function of the charge controller is to protect the battery's durability.

Final Words

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